Siemens Delaware

Wednesday, March 31st 2021 (1 month ago)

670 Rhoads Ave, Columbus, OH 43205, USAI-70, Hebron, OH 43025, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at Knight Transportation, Westward Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA 1 month ago

Got waked up by a phone call early this morning, I should have turned the volume down I guess. I do however use the wind-down and sleep monitoring on my phone, but they called just after 6 which is outside the window.

There was a driver unable to pick up his load from Siemens, I've done those several times before so no problem, I took it instead of the bakery load from Vineland.

It's been a really relaxing week so far, and I've got Thursday off so I thought I'd help them out, even though I could probably have gotten home a little earlier with the previous load.

It was picking up from Newark, just about an hour away and I needed a trailer washout, but no stress. I waited a couple hours then headed down. just around noon I was done loaded and headed south on 95 towards Baltimore, then west on i70.

A little break and a few hours later I arrived in Columbus. I'm taking my night here as they wanted me to stop by to pickup a couple water pumps for the Indy yard.

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