Bakery load to Columbus

Friday, March 26th 2021 (4 months ago)

104 Bloserville Rd, Carlisle, PA 17015, USA480 Doubling Gap Rd, Newville, PA 17241, USA219 Pennsylvania Turnpike, West Pennsboro Township, PA 17015, USA207 N Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA233 Pearl St, Camden, NJ 08102, USA2621 Freddy Ln, Vineland, NJ 08360, USA1874 Pearl St, Camden, NJ 08102, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at Interstate Cold Storage, Roberts Road, Columbus, OH, USA 4 months ago

Finally back in Columbus after a very much stressful week at the eastcoast. My Thursday delivery of ice cream on Long Island was much delayed because of the previous delivery in Jamaica NY. When I was done I headed towards Vineland, but first a little pit stop at Loves in Bordentown for some food and fuel.

After my quick dinner and full tanks, I headed down to Vineland, roughly an hour from Bordentown. I was told by the lady at the office down there that the load might not even be ready, but when I got there it was. My weekend still starts pretty late, but it could be a lot worse.

I got my trailer, then I checked my clock and I was not running out of 14 as I thought, but the 11 was low. Just over 1 hour left. I headed up to Walmart in King of Prussia to get some groceries and spend my night there. I had 0 minutes left when I released my brakes.

This morning I woke up dead tired at 5 am, was gonna get going but it wasn't before closer to 6 that I left. I just wanted an early as possible start of my weekend as I could get so decided to drive straight from KoP to Columbus. My appointment was at 9:30 so I was already going to be several hours late for it. At least 3.5 hours late.

On my way thru Somerset, there was some terrible wind and the plastic casing around the mirrors blew of and caused dents on my door. I'm so pissed about it. I got onto the shoulder to put it back together but didn't last long. About 20 minutes later the whole thing flew off again. This time for good. I could see it hit the pavement, but there was no way I could stop to retrieve it.


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