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Siemens Delaware

Got waked up by a phone call early this morning, I should have turned the volume down I guess. I do however use the wind-down and sleep monitoring on my phone, but they called just after 6 which is outside the window.

There was a driver unable to pick up his load from Siemens, I've don...

The banana room place

I'm back again in New Jersey, and this time it took me too a new place, the PFS in Elizabeth and Wakefern aka "the banana room place".

I was too tired yesterday so I called it a night at Walmart in King of Prussia. I left there this morning around 5:30 to make sure I could get to my fi...

Plumbing and trucking

An exhausting weekend is over consisting of pretty much work and little sleep. I worked on Saturday, taking a load from AmerisourceBergen to Whitestown. I was back home around 16:30, so it turned out to be just a few minutes under a 10 hour day. Rest of the day and Sunday was plumbing in the l...

Made it to Columbus

I made it to the company yard in Columbus Ohio. I started this morning from Hunts Point markets in the Bronx, went down to Newark Delaware, and picked up my pharma load.

I was loaded up just before noon, then took the 95 south towards Baltimore and headed west on 70 over to Breezewood ...

Finally here

Finally here in Plainfield Indiana with the Siemens load. Getting unloaded now as I type. 

The drive over here was great, beautiful weather, but a lot of retarded drivers out there now. Obviously people are not staying home anymore.

Took my night 20 miles some east of Colu...

Siemens to Indy

Then I'm back at Siemens in Newark DE for another load back to Plainfield IN. Yesterday went great like usual, nothing exciting to write about really. Been working on the bicycle project a little and watched a ton of Netflix movies.

I arrived here at 10:30 am and still waiting to get l...


Another delivery finished in New York City, now having a little break at Walt Whitman travel plaza on the Jersey turnpike. I started a little too early this morning so I have time for this.

heading towards Newark in Delaware for a Siemens load back to Plainfield Indiana. Like I mention...

Going west with Siemens

Getting back to my regular schedule looks like, got this Siemens load from Newark DE to Plainfield IN today. It's been a few beautiful days out east, but on my way back west I was running into some gross weather around Somerset.

Wind was getting worse with fog, snow and rain. Temperatu...

Gregory Packaging

I showed up to Qpsi just over 9, got loaded and ready to go by 11.  The trailer was dropped in Tobyhanna a few hours later, to no surprise they had no empties up there.

I contacted dispatch who routed me down to Abbott in Bethlehem PA for one. They yard jockey wouldn't let me have...

Another pharma load

Another load from Siemens to Siemens with vials. This is a standard load back to the Midwest or Plainfield Indiana where it's actually going. It's a good load and don't weigh much more than 14,000 lbs. Axles all the way to the front and let's roll. 

The location in Newark where we...

The banana room

It's been a while, but here I am with my next blog update. I'm now with a load of bananas at Wakefern in Newark NJ. They do have lots of overnight street parking and first come first serve. Wish I knew that last night.

Just received the phone call, now about to move over to door #4.