Friday, May 21st 2021 (1 month ago)

350 N Broadway, Gloucester City, NJ 08030, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at Dayton, OH, USA 1 month ago

After getting loaded up with bananas on Wednesday afternoon my 14 was getting low and so was my energy levels so I pulled over in Carlisle at the company yard and called it a night. I had too much time on my hands for this load, but don't get me wrong, nothing is better than that.

I tried to sleep in the next day but was up around 9 and headed out then, with a few pitstops and a lunch I arrived in Columbus around 4-5 pm. I went to the yard there as well to see if they had gotten the parts for the mirror, but another truck had taken it so it's currently on backorder. Not a big deal so I headed down to Jeffersonville on 71 and parked at the Loves.

I stayed there for about 8 hours, did a sleeper split, and drove the remaining 20 minutes down to Walmart DC in Washington Courthouse. I checked in just after 2 am and was done at 430am. At this point my weekend had started, there were no more dispatches on my list and there's really no time left to do anything more so I headed home. I was home at 6;30 am. That's not too bad on a Friday


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