Refused at Hershey

Friday, April 16th 2021 (1 month ago)

4275 Westward Ave, Columbus, OH 43228, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at Knight Transportation, Westward Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA 1 month ago

Finally back in Ohio after a very stressful week at work with two trips to West Seneca. Something that really sucked. I had to do a split to make it to my appointment the first day, but that spot made it impossible to get back the next day in time for my appointment.

When you're late you'll become a work in which is in most cases not good. There were pretty good at getting me in, but it still got pretty late.

 There was no time to waste once I was done, I had a closer to 7 hours drive towards Palmyra to pick up my next load. Chocolate to Ogden UT. I was just going to drop this in Columbus.

 Finally got to the location around 9, but got refused because the guard thought my trailer was dirty which it was not. 

Quickly headed up to TA on 81, there's a truck wash there, but they were closed. I was still able to get a washout so thanks guys for helping me with that.

I was already in violation on my 14 hours now but didn't care. Hurried back to Hershey to get my trailer, then back to the yard in Carlisle. It 

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