Thursday, February 6th 2020 (1 year ago)

Roger Andersen
Posted at Chesapeake House, John F Kennedy Memorial Highway, North East, MD, USA 1 year ago

I had watermelons today, going from Gloucester to Jessup in Maryland. I started my day in the Bronx and headed down towards Philadelphia around 9 am. 

On my way down I stopped at Love's in Bordentown for lunch. Just after noon, I arrived at the Del Monte in Gloucester City. I didn't wait too long before they called me and gave me a door. Getting loaded up with the watermelons went fairly fast and I could continue on with my trip down to Del Monte in Jessup.

 Things didn't go too fast in Jessup, I waited out on the street almost three hours before I was called in.  The actual unloading was pretty quick and I had two more hours on my clock so I went up to the Chesapeake House rest area to take my night here.


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