Boars Head is history

Tuesday, January 21st 2020 (1 year ago)

I-80 Eb Mm #194, Loganton, PA 17747, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at R BEST Produce, Seaview Boulevard, Port Washington, NY, USA 1 year ago

Back in NYC again and now it seems like this will be my route until something better comes up. My beloved route with Boar's Head deli to Spring City PA has been lost. It's really sad, it was a perfect route, but I'm crossing my fingers for something just as good to come soon. Until then I will just stay positive and do this NYC route with produce from Dole.

I will only have two deliveries tomorrow, first one at R-Best and the second one at Western Beef, before heading down to Gloucester City with a banana load back to Columbus Ohio.


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