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Thursday, January 30th 2020 (1 year ago)

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Roger Andersen
Posted at Toor Brothers, U.S. 41, Zion, IL, USA 1 year ago

After taking my night at a travel plaza on i-80 in Ohio I started relatively early. Somewhere between 8-9 this morning. I drove for a couple hours before i decided it was time for a late breakfast and shower, so I eventually pulled into Loves just off i-280.

it's always great with a shower and some good food. If you can call Arby's good food, in this case it tasted pretty good. A couple hours later I took off, heading towards Chicago.

Got some traffic when I was getting through Chicago but not too bad. Finally I made it up near my destination where I tried to find some parking at TA, but they turned pretty much all of their spots into paid parking, so I had no other choice than to head across the street to Toor Brothers where I found a spot.


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