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Sysco Cincinnati

It was a horrible start to this trip, not very long after I headed out of Loves on 78 I saw a lot of commotion going on in the westbound lanes. From the radio, I could hear a woman had been run over by a truck. 

Once I got to the shipper, things went fast. I called the phone numbe...


Finally home after a pretty unusual week, not a bad week. Just unusual. I arrived yesterday in the afternoon at the Lineage warehouse in Conklin NY, but they were not able to get me unloaded early. Not a surprise really, I've been in this game for a while now.

I was directed to park in...

Birthday celebration with Games of thrones

Im here at the Loves in Aurora NE now. Parked around 1800 and there was few spots left. Once parked I could settle down with some dinner and watch Games of Thrones that I got from Walmart.

Unfortunately I forgot where I left of so I got season 3 while I acutally should have bought seas...

More syntax highlighting

added syntax highlighting

Standby driver at your service

I'm back as a standby driver for Del Monte in Gloucester City NJ. Parked last night after driving from Ben & Jerry's in St.Alban VT to Hazleton PA. Now just getting some breakfast and try do some more work on my php game project

The fuel game stats

Started working on my old fuel game project again this Christmas, but had to change it from liters to gallons. Now it's kind of working, just need some drivers to start using it so we can find all the bugs lol

2015-12-12 01:00:00

Started early this morning to get my 2 stop load to Macys in Cheshire CT, got lucky and was told to drop the trailer on my first stop. No empty reefers there so I went over to my second stop anyway to look and found the one in the picture. It was pretty messed up and dirty, but otherwise fine,...