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Dangerous week?

I wonder if this week will be now dangerous than normal cause of all the protests around the country. Dayton had curfew at 9 p.m. this weekend, Columbus had at 10 p.m. While other cities like New York and Philadelphia were much worse.

Tomorrow I have a delivery in Port Washington and B...


I had watermelons today, going from Gloucester to Jessup in Maryland. I started my day in the Bronx and headed down towards Philadelphia around 9 am. 

On my way down I stopped at Love's in Bordentown for lunch. Just after noon, I arrived at the Del Monte in Gloucester City. I didn...

Karma got me

Karma got me today, I was being cut off by a four-wheeler and it kind of made me a little mad so I honked at him for a while. Try to make him uncomfortable while he was working on destroying his own car.

Nothing happened though, we came out of it with no damages except for a little dam...

Quick week

The last few weeks have gone by really fast thanks to late Monday afternoon starts with loads from Boars Head. Picking up from New Castle IN to Groveport OH then back for another one to Spring City PA.

This week was just the same almost, except from an extra load going from the Columbu...

Produce from west to east

Then I'm here, first pickup of a total of three going to be delivered in Philadelphia on Tuesday, but not my me. It will be relayed so I can go back west for a week more. 

Next stop will be back in Nogales, then the last in Maricopa. About 130 miles the opposite way.