Karma got me

Wednesday, May 1st 2019 (2 years ago)

Roger Andersen
Posted at Del Monte Driver Check-In and Registration Office, North Broadway, Gloucester City, NJ, USA 2 years ago

Karma got me today, I was being cut off by a four-wheeler and it kind of made me a little mad so I honked at him for a while. Try to make him uncomfortable while he was working on destroying his own car.

Nothing happened though, we came out of it with no damages except for a little damaged pride for him, but karma was there to deal with me just a few moments later.

I took a wrong turn and ended up in some streets that were not made for semis. I accepted the punishment and soon after an interstate 95 sign showed up. That sign is a good sign.

 A little punishment by Kharma turned out good, after all, I got to see the city from a different angle and doing a route I haven't done for a few years. I didn't lose any time, I still arrived at my destination.


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