Salinas California

Thursday, January 19th 2017 (4 years ago)

Roger Andersen
Posted at Pilot Travel Center, Work St, Salinas, CA, United States 4 years ago

Just about 90 miles south of San Fransisco is Salinas when I'm at now. Got here on Tuesday night with my produce load from Yuma AZ. Dropped the trailer and any back about a mile to the pilot and started a reset.

Wednesday was very windy and lots of rain, but it was quite cozy inside the truck with all that bad weather outside. Spent most of the day chilling with Netflix watching season 2 of Blacklist. Yes I'm a Netflix junkie.

Today the weather is much better, the sun is actually shining thru and I'm waiting for a load, empty trailers are available down at Fresh Express soon as I get the preplan.




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