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Just 80 miles

I arrived 2 hours ahead of my appointment on this load and was greeted by a very friendly security girl down at Dreyer's Great Ice Cream.

 3 hours later, they had a door for me. I tried to reach it by using PC/yard move, but the dumb Sonar was able to screw that.



I was pretty sure i was gonna make it home by on time until I got this load to Pontoon Beach were I ended up with no options other than going down to St Louis to pick up a load going west. With less than three days to my hometime I decided not to go further than Kansas City.

Shut down ...

2016-11-19 11:53:07

Went bed early last night, was super tired lol. Woke up early this morning because of the stupid sonar device starting to beep and talk. Noticed it was stuck on drive mode all night. 

Now even after my sleeper birth I'm out of hours because of it. Called the dispatch too have them...