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Friday, July 2nd 2021 (3 weeks ago)

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Roger Andersen
Posted at Seabrook, NH 3 weeks ago

I started the day with a 7+3 split so I could make it to the shipper on time. I arrived just before my appointment and got assigned to a door immediately.

 While waiting to get loaded the last half of my split sleeper birth was completed and just before 13:00 I was ready to go.

The traffic was horrible up on i84, it must be because of the holiday weekend. At one point I had used over 5 hours on less than 180 miles.

The traffic got better eventually but replaced with rain, lots of rain and of course some accidents. Like driving in the New England area isn't bad enough already.

Around 22:00 I made it to a perfect place, the rest area just before the receiver. I could finally call it a night, but it was too late to park for a 6:00 delivery so another 7+3 was used the next day, or so was the plan.

I was just 2 miles from the customer so I went with PC, which was great cause when I checked in at 5:30 it would take another 3 hours before I got to a door.


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