Short trip

Thursday, July 1st 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Roger Andersen
Posted at Walmart Dist Pottsville Center 7030, Highridge Park Road, Pottsville, PA, USA 3 weeks ago

Shortest trip in a long time. Was supposed to be preloaded, but they had no trailers so it turned into a live load. This was not good cause  what would normally be a perfect time of arrival turned into late arrival which means work in. 

5 hours later i was done and headed down 81 towards Walmart DC in Pottsville for a drop.

 Thankfully I found an empty here and I went back out on the road, 5 miles up north on 81 then exited into 61 which took me down to 78.

I parked at the 476 tollbooth area for a 7+3 split.


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