Harrington Delaware

Wednesday, April 28th 2021 (2 weeks ago)

1102 N Park Dr, Hazle Township, PA 18202, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at Distribution Center Harrington, DE, Reese Avenue, Harrington, DE, USA 2 weeks ago

I'm back here again, started at 2200 last night, headed up to the cold storage in Hazleton to pick up my preloaded trailer, but there was a new inexperienced guy in the guard shack that had no clue what was going on and couldn't find my bills or my trailer. He told me to leave and come back later in the morning like 4:00 to 4:30 which was totally unacceptable.

I went in to drop my trailer and used the opportunity to do a little trailer hunting myself, I figured out that the trailer was already loaded and eventually had the guard guy contact the Eskimos inside to print new bills.

I drow straight down to Burris from here once everything was good. I arrived at the customer at 5:00 in the morning, checked in, and soon after got a door which was a big surprise to me. After about an hour of waiting in the door a lady came and told me to move and from there on everything went to shit.

It was at that point 6:40 and my appointment was at 8:00. I moved like I was told then forgotten about until 10, I went in and told them to hurry up and at 11 I got back to the door.

Needless to say but I won't ever come back here again. This was my third time here and it's been some kind of issue every time.

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