Axle alignment and b service

Tuesday, February 11th 2020 (1 year ago)

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Roger Andersen
Posted at Gem City Tire, Kaderly Drive, Columbus, OH, USA 1 year ago

Well, the Dunkin donuts load to Ohio got canceled and replaced with a banana load from Gloucester City to Columbus instead. To me, that was a good deal. I also got called in for a B service and axle alignment.

Since I started out in the Bronx I didn't make it all the way back but made it to the rest area just before Loves in Zanesville. I spent the night there, watching Chalet on Netflix over again, but only a couple of episodes before catching myself falling asleep.

After a 12-hour sleeper birth, I finished the rest of the trip to Del Monte in Columbus where they unloaded me very fast.

Arriving at the yard I went through the inspection bay and got informed about my B service at 14:00. In the meanwhile, I did help out refill a couple of reefer trailers and doing an axle alignment.

Also just noticed another load on my board back to New York City 


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