Extremely cold days

Thursday, January 31st 2019 (2 years ago)

1102 N Park Dr, Hazle Township, PA 18202, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at United States Cold Storage, North Park Drive, Hazle Township, PA, USA 2 years ago

It's been a real winter for once around where I've traveled. Also lots of snow been coming down. I'm so ready for the weekend and I also had some bad luck this week getting a staph/mrsa infection on my skin around the face.

Before picking up a load yesterday in Troy I went to Urgent Care and got prescribed antibiotics and I'm feeling much better today. Hopefully it'll be gone over the weekend.

My load today was here at US Cold storage in Hazleton Pa, going to Covington tn, but I'll be dropping it in the Columbus yard sometime tomorrow.

Now I'm just waiting at extra hour so I can do an 8+2 split and drive a little longer tonight. Hoping for an early weekend.


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January 31, 2019