From Cali to Oregon

Tuesday, November 15th 2016 (4 years ago)

3219 Rainbow, Kingman, AZ 86401, USA
Roger Andersen
Posted at Trader Joe Fontana Warehouse, Calabash Avenue, Fontana, CA, United States 4 years ago

A little late because I decided in the last minute to do an inspection on my truck at the Fontana yard, but there were no problems or delays at the receiver because of it so I'm good.

It's crazy tight and busy in here, probably one of the worst places I've been to. Now just got into a door and they start unloading me immediately. My next load is preloaded and being picked up in Rialto once I'm done here, then of to Wal-Mart in Hermiston OR.

It's a pretty hot day here in California today, need both my windows rolled down while I'm waiting. Pretty good for the middle of November :)

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