Tuesday, December 22nd 2015

Roger Andersen
Posted at 5 years ago

The start of a long line of trucks waiting to get into the MBM warehouse this morning. I showed up thirty minutes before my appointment, but was told to wait somewhere else and they would call me so I did. About an hour later they called and wanted me in door 23. When I got back, the lines were even longer with trucks waiting on the street blocking all traffic. I tried unsuccessfully to get around them and got into trouble with another trucker who screamed and called me everything from a to z, so I backed my truck out. Then I checked my google map and took a loop around the block, came in from the other side. No traffic at all and went right into my assigned door. I smiled and laughed when I saw the grumpy face of the fucktard who screamed at me. Still there waiting in the line.