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Started Monday with walking the dogs before dropping them off at the boarding place in Tipp City. Started pouring down soon after, but didn't last long.

At this point, I was an hour later out than usual, but no worries. When I got to Kopp Turkey around 11 two trailers were already load...

Week 14

It's week 14 already and we had a great weekend, really warm weather on Saturday. It was great, but thunderstorms came and ruined some of it, but turned well later on. Sunday was good too.

Monday was another day back to work and New York City. They're still struggling up there and most...

Hutchinson KS

Parked last night at TA Beto Junction, wouldn't have made it down here yesterday anyway. A crazy thunderstorm rolled in later that night and made it pretty cozy in my can trying to sleep zzzz

Woke up after a 10 and drove the rest of the way down to Tyson in Hutchinson and delivered.

Amarillo tonight

Had a terrible night of sleep, truck ran out of battery. I started to idle then went back to bed, but 5 minutes later the idle alarm goes off and I have to get back up from the bed to either disable it or shut off the truck. Did this probably 3-4 times thru the night. I should just have let it...