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I'm back with my Quakertown loads again, but this week I was also subject to a random drug test. I was called by my dispatcher Monday morning, wanting me to head into the office. No reason was given. Of course, that's a random drug test, but I've got nothing to fear.

I arrived at Kopp ...

Jamaica Avenue

This must be the tightest place so far, you can't really see it in the pictures, but to get my truck turned this way I had to go around a couple blocks.

I had a strategy for doing this, which of course failed once I got here. The streets are much tighter than what they look like on Goo...

Plumbing and trucking

An exhausting weekend is over consisting of pretty much work and little sleep. I worked on Saturday, taking a load from AmerisourceBergen to Whitestown. I was back home around 16:30, so it turned out to be just a few minutes under a 10 hour day. Rest of the day and Sunday was plumbing in the l...


Another weekend load to whitestown. This time there were no fuel leak, no grey clouds. Just positive things like a clear blue sky and a big warm sun. The trip was a breeze and I was home early. Like just after 16:00. Perfect day for some weekend work.

Saturday work

I worked this weekend, was a great day with a blue sky and sun. Started from home around 8, went to pick up my preloaded trailer in Lockbourne OH. I arrived at the customer, but the trailer wasn't really preloaded after all. 

After a little less than an hour I was ready to go, but...

Dangerous week?

I wonder if this week will be now dangerous than normal cause of all the protests around the country. Dayton had curfew at 9 p.m. this weekend, Columbus had at 10 p.m. While other cities like New York and Philadelphia were much worse.

Tomorrow I have a delivery in Port Washington and B...

The curve is not flattening

The curve that's supposed to flatten is just increasing here in New York City and the president wants to open the country very soon. Go figure. The numbers here are doubling every three days now and pretty much everyone I see around me is wearing masks.

You can feel the anxiety is stro...

This is a private story

This is a test post. Search this phrase to find it ... mickeymouse

Syntax highlighter

This is a test of some PHP code

		$errors= array();
		$file_name = $_FILES['image']['name'];
		$file_size = $_FILES['image']['size'];
		$file_tmp = $_FILES['image']['tmp_name'];
		$file_type= $_FILES['image']['type'];   

The big test (to get in)

My new load goes to Florida with a stop in North Carolina. I will be loading at Solutia in Springfield MA. When I got here I had to watch a video and pass a quiz to be able to enter. When I first got in it was pretty much like a new quiz to find my way through it all with no signs anywhere!