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BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V

I bought this inverter in the summer of 2019 and it's still working great to run my blueray and tv in my truck. High-quality product and it's very quiet. In fact, you cant hear it at all when running. So far this one has outlived the two I bought from Powerdrive. The black and yellow ones sold...

Back to Jamesburg

Another trip back to Wakefern Foods here in Jamesburg NJ again, this time with a load from Abbott nutritions.

It got late last night so the little sleep I had felt amazing, even more amazing to pull in here tonight for some more sleep. They have overnight parking here. I will deliver t...

Heading south

Today my trip it's going south, but not in a bad way. actually south from Hazleton Pennsylvania to Mechanicsville Virginia with a load for Supervalu.

Just pulled into the welcome Center here in Maryland for a 30 minute break. I recently discovered a new podcast that's pretty cool, it's...

Raining in Ohio

Left Ohio like any other Monday yesterday, what's raining a lot and it's raining today as well from what I'm hearing. Here in New York the weather is great, warm and feels like summer. 

I got all three stops this week, some local runs in Pennsylvania before I'm heading back West.

Back in paradise

On my way to Florida now, just entered the welcome center for a well deserved break lol.

My load goes to Pompano Beach, near Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Never been so far south in Florida so I'm excited. I can already feel the paradise feeling here at the welcome center near the Georgia...