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A chill day

A pretty chill day I must say. Started this morning in Monroe Township NJ delivering the Tyson product to Costco on Costco Drive, checked in, and did all that stuff you do there. Was immediately assigned to door #144 and 2 hours later I was done and could leave.

My next dispatch howeve...

Dog food

Another day with more turkey stuff to become dog food. Left home as usual, around 8 and arrived in Harrison at 10. The trailer was already loaded and could just hook it up and go. I was doing good on time when things are like this. Sunny beautiful day had me in a good mood, bypassed the scale ...

Bethlehem to Monroe

It's been awhile since I updated but I'm still over the road doing my usual stuff. Today I'm going to u.s. Cold storage in Bethlehem to pick up a little load over to Costco in Monroe township New Jersey

Good morning from New Stanton

Good morning, there's been a while since I updated. it's been kind of busy lately with a lot of stuff going on at home and at work. I did the nyc as usual and then the rare noodles load from TMI in Brooklyn too Harrisburg. Was lucky and got it delivered and unloaded by 11pm same day even when ...

Another pharma load

Another load from Siemens to Siemens with vials. This is a standard load back to the Midwest or Plainfield Indiana where it's actually going. It's a good load and don't weigh much more than 14,000 lbs. Axles all the way to the front and let's roll. 

The location in Newark where we...

Florida Produce

Picking up a load for Fresh Express here at TKM farms in Belle Glade FL now, worst customer service I've seen in a long time performed by the two girls in shipping and receiving. Got here on time, but still waiting. According to Google Map reviews of the location I may have a long wait ah...

Soon hometime

Finally at my destination and ready for delivery tomorrow morning then I'm heading home once I found a place to drop the trailer. Most likely 90 miles the opposite way to the Indy yard ugh...

Then I'm home for a week, lots of stuff to do unfortunately lol

2015-12-07 01:00:00

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