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Bananas back to Ohio

I picked this banana load up Friday morning and I was back in Ohio around 8 PM the same day.

I had to Saturday off, but I left home around 11:30 PM and headed down to the Washington Courthouse where I'm at right now. When I got here I had a couple of hours of sleep then I checked in an...

Holiday weekend

With 4th of July almost over I headed down to Washington Courthouse for a delivery of bananas from Gloves Gloucester City NJ.

 The appointment was 3am on Monday and my next load was from Kopp Turkey in Harrison to Quakertown PA

US Foods Seabrook

I started the day with a 7+3 split so I could make it to the shipper on time. I arrived just before my appointment and got assigned to a door immediately.

 While waiting to get loaded the last half of my split sleeper birth was completed and just before 13:00 I was ready to go.


It was a long way home from Boston to Columbus, but I did not run during the night this time. The heat and the truck that wouldn't idle at night plus the extreme headache I had made that impossible. I was popping pills to make it go away and it eventually did. I woke up around 8 am and was gro...

My loads gone

Good morning and happy holidays everyone. Showed up at my 6 a.m. appointment at Dole Springfield here in Ohio, but  seems like my load has already been taken by another driver. 

They do have another trailer with a load going to the same location but with a different pick-up n...

First sign of Christmas

First sign of Christmas was early, seems like it's getting earlier for every year, but the first taste of Christmas was today after buying a box of gingerbread cookies at Walmart.

Now I like to bake, but it's been a while and every time I attempted to make gingerbread cookies they pret...