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Quick week

The last few weeks have gone by really fast thanks to late Monday afternoon starts with loads from Boars Head. Picking up from New Castle IN to Groveport OH then back for another one to Spring City PA.

This week was just the same almost, except from an extra load going from the Columbu...

Boars Head dedicated

Haven't been much updates here recently due to the fact I'm not over the road anymore, but doing a dedicated run for Boar's Head between New Castle Indiana and Groveport Ohio. Been doing this since March 2018.

East coast then west

Got a late delivery appointment yesterday to Dunkin Donuts for a change. Took my sleeper birth at Bensalem and ordered a pizza. Now at Kraft foods in Allentown to load for Groveport OH. 

The receiver is horrible, been there before. May wait up to 12 hours, sometimes more and they ...