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Walmart DC Gordonsville

Started my day 8:30 from TA in Bordentown, filled up the 60 gallons required for free parking and headed down towards Gloucester City to pick up my banana load.

I arrived just in time, a few minutes before 10. Checked in and less than 20 minutes later I was assigned to a door. The bana...

Bordentown with Domino's

Done with the deliveries in New York, but didn't get out fast enough to make it down to pickup my banana load in Gloucester, so it got picked up by somebody else. Instead I got another banana load to Walmart in Gordonsville VA, picking up tomorrow from glouchester at 10 am. A real bummer being...

The fuel game stats

Started working on my old fuel game project again this Christmas, but had to change it from liters to gallons. Now it's kind of working, just need some drivers to start using it so we can find all the bugs lol