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Some 30 lights later

It must have been like 30 lights or so from the company yard in Olive Branch MS to my next customer, the US Cold Storage in Covington TN.

 I got checked in on time last night for my Walmart delivery, but wasn't done before midnight, just after my 14 hour expired. There wasn't much...

Deadhead to Tennessee

Last night I had to pay $20 for a parking spot at TA in Cartersville GA. In the late afternoon yesterday my load switched and I had to deadhead over to Covington Tennessee from McDonough GA. It's almost 500 miles.

Started this morning at 8:00 a.m. and drove pretty much straight to Covi...

Extremely cold days

It's been a real winter for once around where I've traveled. Also lots of snow been coming down. I'm so ready for the weekend and I also had some bad luck this week getting a staph/mrsa infection on my skin around the face.

Before picking up a load yesterday in Troy I went to Urgent Ca...