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Another hot week

Looks like we'll be getting a hot week, at least here around the nyc. Had my night at the rest area in Snow Shoe PA at usual and woke up to great weather. Traffic is also increasing here in the city which is not so good.

I got just two stops this week, one in Ridgewood and the other in...

Door 4

I learned that door #4 at Western Beef produce is tight today. Blindside with only an inch on each side when doors are open, but with some patience everything works out.

It's a beautiful day in NYC today, makes the day allot easier, but I'm really looking forward to call it a night up ...

Hectic and stressful

These NYC loads are really busy and hectic. I miss my old loads to Spring City, those were the good times.  Hopefully, they can find me something back there again soon.

 Today I started about 4 hours from my 1st stop and was arriving 3 hours late. Thankfully next week I will ...

Not enough hours

There are not enough hours to go from Dayton to Port Washington New York. Today I started at noon from home and I went straight over to Springfield to pick up my trailer. It was done at the usual time like 1-2 p.m.

With a delivery appointment at 9 a.m. next morning I need to be parked ...

Boars Head is history

Back in NYC again and now it seems like this will be my route until something better comes up. My beloved route with Boar's Head deli to Spring City PA has been lost. It's really sad, it was a perfect route, but I'm crossing my fingers for something just as good to come soon. Until then I will...

Western Beef

I managed to get home for Christmas, then I went back to work on Friday for a delivery at Western Beef and a second stop out in Port Washington.



Abbotsford is the first city of  Wisconsin with a population of 2291 in 2013. A slow growing town.

Picking up a load here from Abbyland Beef to Russelville AR with delivery Thursday at 10:00.

Beef to Mexico

I'm back here again to try get this beef unloaded. Showed up at 8 like I was told to and waited for about 4 hours then they were ready. They were actually ready at the same time the other truck pulled in here so I guess that's the one taking it into Mexico. From what I understand when I talked...

Mexican trouble

I've got to the consigne on time today, but didn't help much cause they couldn't unload before they got approval from the customs in Mexico. They speak pretty much only spanish where I was, but they had one guy there they used to translate. Now I'm at the Pilot just 5 miles away waiting until ...