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After getting loaded up with bananas on Wednesday afternoon my 14 was getting low and so was my energy levels so I pulled over in Carlisle at the company yard and called it a night. I had too much time on my hands for this load, but don't get me wrong, nothing is better than that.

I tr...

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V

I bought this inverter in the summer of 2019 and it's still working great to run my blueray and tv in my truck. High-quality product and it's very quiet. In fact, you cant hear it at all when running. So far this one has outlived the two I bought from Powerdrive. The black and yellow ones sold...

Tops frozen distribution

Got a load up to Tops frozen distribution center in west Seneca yesterday afternoon, and it looks like they want me so one more tomorrow. Not too excited about it since it's mostly backroads from Hazleton and up here with an average speed of 35-40 mph.

I guess we'll see how it turns ou...

Another hot week

Looks like we'll be getting a hot week, at least here around the nyc. Had my night at the rest area in Snow Shoe PA at usual and woke up to great weather. Traffic is also increasing here in the city which is not so good.

I got just two stops this week, one in Ridgewood and the other in...

Raining in Ohio

Left Ohio like any other Monday yesterday, what's raining a lot and it's raining today as well from what I'm hearing. Here in New York the weather is great, warm and feels like summer. 

I got all three stops this week, some local runs in Pennsylvania before I'm heading back West.


Got a load from Kentucky at the end of the week, with 3 stops. Two in Indiana and one in Michigan. Since I got here late I had to pay $76 late fee and they spent literally all day to load me.

Now it's almost 11 pm and in 45 minutes I've got an 8+2 split started and will head up to my f...

Wash line

Then I'm in the washing line at Blue Beacon here in Bordentown after delivering to quick stops in New York City yesterday. The day went fast up there and I spent the night here in Bordentown. I just got up at 7 the wait is long.

I haven't had any updates on my blog lately, simply becau...

Port Washington

Another trip to New York again this week. I was actually schedule for my regular route to Spring City. Oh well!

Started late today, was waiting at home for a guy to give me an estimate on insulating the house, but he got late so i rescheduled for next Monday instead.

Then I hea...

New York City & long island

This is my second trip to NYC and Long Island. Same stops as last time, but a pickup from Brooklyn, very close to my second stop. Weather is great today, in the mid 40s.

Thanksgiving is also coming up for whoever is lucky enough to celebrate that with families. I'll probably be home on...

2016-01-08 01:00:00

Then I'm on my second and last delivery for this trip. Walmart DC in Clarksville AR.

Was here early today so I spent a few hours in Russellville. Took a shower, had some dinner and played powerball. $800,000,000 in the jackpot tomorrow lol.

Soon out of hours too so once I'm don...