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Back to Pennsylvania

After a day in New York I had finished my deliveries and spent the night at Hunts Point market.

The next day I found my way down to TMI trading in Brooklyn, at first a very intimidating place cause of the way you need to back in. 90 degrees from the street and into a garage. Not too mu...

New York City & long island

This is my second trip to NYC and Long Island. Same stops as last time, but a pickup from Brooklyn, very close to my second stop. Weather is great today, in the mid 40s.

Thanksgiving is also coming up for whoever is lucky enough to celebrate that with families. I'll probably be home on...

2016-11-25 07:05:06

Went to a thanksgiving celebration at my neighbours house yesterday.  it was fun. I also baked a cake. Black Friday starts early, so I went to some stores after, but there are no good deals anymore so I didn't purchase anything.

Today it's Friday, I'm early up and not sure what to...