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My loads gone

Good morning and happy holidays everyone. Showed up at my 6 a.m. appointment at Dole Springfield here in Ohio, but  seems like my load has already been taken by another driver. 

They do have another trailer with a load going to the same location but with a different pick-up n...

2016-05-09 11:38:32

This week started bad with a trip to Walgreen in  Windsor WI. I had an appointment at 1230 which of course destroyed the rest of my dat. This place sucks cause no matter when you get here your day is over.  Took the rest of my night at a TA just two miles down the road.  Next da...

2015-12-04 01:00:00

Been sitting here at the TA in Bloomsbury since yesterday. Think I just passed 24 hours too. No load yesterday and nothing so far today! Hopefully something shows up soon cause this is boring and I'm not earning shit by sitting like this!