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Johnson and Johnson

I'm back at Qspi to pick up a load tomorrow morning at 9am going to Johnson & Johnson in Mooresville IN.

 Earlier today I started off around 7:30 from Walmart in King of Prussia, I was headed up to Wakefern Foods in Jamesburg NJ. After reading the Google map reviews my expecta...


Then I'm back at Bensalem again, finished my produce load in the Bronx last night, actually a little earlier than usual. Spent the night watching "don't fuck with cats" and had dinner. The show is dark but pretty good.

This morning I started just around 7 and went down to Qpsi in Flore...

End of the week

End of the week is getting closer and I'm here in Indianapolis with a little local load wrapping up my Thursday at 3 pm.

Tomorrow I'm picking up a load in the afternoon from Indianapolis over to West Jefferson. Delivers at the Target warehouse at Saturday 5:30 a.m.

No Bronx this week

No Bronx this week on my New York City delivery  which makes my day even shorter. just took the night last night here on the regular rest area in Danville Pennsylvania and I'm about to head the rest of the way now.

tomorrow I got a load from Johnson & Johnson in Florence New J...

Same old, same old

Nothing new is going on here, still doing these New York City loads on Mondays and Tuesdays. My truck was turned in last week for body work, scheduled to be done when I arrived on Thursday, but it wasn't. Ended up in Indianapolis with a load dropped at Johnson & Johnson. I was supposed to ...

Off to New Jersey

The day went pretty smooth, got started with my first delivery around 9, then headed over to Foodnation where i did my second delivery an hour before appointment time. Was done at 1400, then off to Hunt Point market where I was scheduled for 18:00. 

Now I'm back in New Jersey. Fou...

Port Washington

Another trip to New York again this week. I was actually schedule for my regular route to Spring City. Oh well!

Started late today, was waiting at home for a guy to give me an estimate on insulating the house, but he got late so i rescheduled for next Monday instead.

Then I hea...

Looking for an empty

Got one of these favorite loads from QPSI in Florence NJ today that goes to Johnson & Johnson in Tobyhanna, but you better be on time when picking them up else you'll be sitting over there all day.

Got to the shipper at 830, immediately put in a door and done by 10. A good start, b...

Snowy day

I'm back at Boar's Head in Spring City and it seems to be a snowy day. started very late like 1:30 p.m. from New Castle Indiana yesterday and arrived in Springa City this morning at 12:30 a.m.

Once I'm done here I'll be heading down to Walmart again to do s...

2016-12-02 07:26:37

A slow start on my week at work. Spent pretty much the whole first day in the shop for a B service, but also got the front heater and my cracked windshield fixed. 

First load was delivered late at Armada in Greecastle PA so spent my whole day at the receiver next day waiting for a...