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I had watermelons today, going from Gloucester to Jessup in Maryland. I started my day in the Bronx and headed down towards Philadelphia around 9 am. 

On my way down I stopped at Love's in Bordentown for lunch. Just after noon, I arrived at the Del Monte in Gloucester City. I didn...

The lost load

I was up early and didn't get much sleep last night, but i slept well for a few hours. The produce load out from Springfield was supposed to be pre-loaded at 13:00, I showed up on time and they'd just put the trailer in the door.

Trailer was done loaded between 15:00-16:00 so i left so...

Hello again

Not much have changed since my last entry, but it's time with an update anyway. Basically the only changes is that I now got a new truck.

Still doing my Boar's Head loads from New Castle to Spring City as usual and I love it. Wednesday after my drop is a little bit random from one week...