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Velvet ice cream

I'm going with an ice cream load to a tourist attraction in Ohio, the place is called Velvet ice cream Ava is located in Utica OH just about 45 minutes northeast of Columbus Ohio.

I started yesterday delivering the Martin Brower load in Enfield CT, then drove 5 hours from there to Hazl...

Back in Enfield

I'm here again, on time as always. Spent the night at the local mall's parking lot where Sears used to be. 
I parked around 21:00 last night and got up just after 7. A 5-minute trip later I checked in to the customer and one hour later I was on my way out

Martin Brower

This week I'm going back to Enfield CT with a load to Martin Brower or McDonald's. Starting later this Monday feels good, get to sleep a little longer before heading out for another week on the road.

 My appointment for pickup was 13:00 at Interstate Warehouse in Hamilton OH. This...

Finally here

Finally here in Plainfield Indiana with the Siemens load. Getting unloaded now as I type. 

The drive over here was great, beautiful weather, but a lot of retarded drivers out there now. Obviously people are not staying home anymore.

Took my night 20 miles some east of Colu...


Started early today from Flying J and drove down to my first stop in Enfield NC and delivered at 13:30. Thats about 24 hour early. Then I drove a few hours more and parked at Flying J in Latta SC. My last stop will be at US Cold Storage in Lake City tomorrow. Appointment time is unfortunately ...