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Harrington Delaware

I'm back here again, started at 2200 last night, headed up to the cold storage in Hazleton to pick up my preloaded trailer, but there was a new inexperienced guy in the guard shack that had no clue what was going on and couldn't find my bills or my trailer. He told me to leave and come back la...

Burris part 2

I started this morning at 1 AM from Walmart in King of Prussia, Then headed up to the US cold storage in Hazelton to pick up my preloaded trailer going back to Burris in Harrington.

On my way up there it started to snow and it was a little white blanket down the road but didn't last ve...

Burris part 1

Because of the long day at the dog food factory, I got up to the cold storage later than planned, but my next load from here was supposed to be preloaded so no biggie, but it wasn't.

I had them make this load preloaded while I took my sleepover at turkey hill, I also did the same with ...

Siemens Delaware

Got waked up by a phone call early this morning, I should have turned the volume down I guess. I do however use the wind-down and sleep monitoring on my phone, but they called just after 6 which is outside the window.

There was a driver unable to pick up his load from Siemens, I've don...


Today I'm in Lindenhurst out on Long Island to deliver another load of ice cream. I was close to running out of hours last night at the cold storage in Hazleton so I asked to drop my trailer and take my sleep elsewhere, which was fine. The live load got turned into pre-load.

I headed o...

New England

It's been an interesting week with some trips up to the New England area. After my delivery in Connecticut on Wednesday I went back to Bethlehem PA for another load up to Medline in Uxbridge.

Uxbridge is a small place just a few miles south of Worcester and about 30 miles west of Bosto...

Made it to Columbus

I made it to the company yard in Columbus Ohio. I started this morning from Hunts Point markets in the Bronx, went down to Newark Delaware, and picked up my pharma load.

I was loaded up just before noon, then took the 95 south towards Baltimore and headed west on 70 over to Breezewood ...

Finally here

Finally here in Plainfield Indiana with the Siemens load. Getting unloaded now as I type. 

The drive over here was great, beautiful weather, but a lot of retarded drivers out there now. Obviously people are not staying home anymore.

Took my night 20 miles some east of Colu...

Siemens to Indy

Then I'm back at Siemens in Newark DE for another load back to Plainfield IN. Yesterday went great like usual, nothing exciting to write about really. Been working on the bicycle project a little and watched a ton of Netflix movies.

I arrived here at 10:30 am and still waiting to get l...


Another delivery finished in New York City, now having a little break at Walt Whitman travel plaza on the Jersey turnpike. I started a little too early this morning so I have time for this.

heading towards Newark in Delaware for a Siemens load back to Plainfield Indiana. Like I mention...

Weekend work with issues

I was asked to work the weekend this time and I accepted. It was another produce load from Springfield Ohio to Hunts Point Market in the Bronx. I made it to the Delaware Water Gap on Saturday where I shut down. Drove the next 80 miles Sunday morning, starting 4 a.m.

I arrived at 6 a.m....

A long day

I woke up at 2 am this morning, feeling super tired.  I showed up at Walmart security gate at 2:30 but was told I couldn't check in before 3:00 a.m. So I had no other choice than head back and wait another 30 minutes.

 When I finally got in, the unloading itself was pretty fa...

Port Washington

Another trip to New York again this week. I was actually schedule for my regular route to Spring City. Oh well!

Started late today, was waiting at home for a guy to give me an estimate on insulating the house, but he got late so i rescheduled for next Monday instead.

Then I hea...

Just another Thursday with pharma

It was a very short day yesterday, parked overnight at Walmart. Enjoying the evening with dinner and Netflix.

Today was another day with a pharma load from Siemens Delaware to Indiana. Just pulled into the Hebron rest area for the night. As you can see a bunch of drivers have already c...

Quick week

The last few weeks have gone by really fast thanks to late Monday afternoon starts with loads from Boars Head. Picking up from New Castle IN to Groveport OH then back for another one to Spring City PA.

This week was just the same almost, except from an extra load going from the Columbu...

Ice cream to Kroger

Been doing the ice cream loads all week and paychecks are looking great and I'm home every weekend. My choice was right. This is great. 

Today my load was late and I've been waiting for a door since 5:30am. Time now is 4:30pm, got a door an hour ago, but haven't started unloading ...

Back to Knight

After six months with Pepsi oi was time to go back over the road again, but only regional this time. At least for now. 

Got an older truck with about 400,000 miles on it, but that don't matter cause it's a Volvo with ishift.

Spent the first two evenings in it cleaning all ...

Cartoons in Carlisle

Now at the Knight Transportation yard in Carlisle watching cartoons on tv. Have a preloaded trailer to Delaware in the morning. Then bobtail back.

Dryvan to Macy's

Went to Walmart in Smyrna DE today, then bobtailed back to the Carlisle yard to pick up an preloaded trailer going to Macys in CE. Runned out of hours to get there in time so I pulled off to a rest area here on I84. Will start at 0500am in the morning. Good night!!