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Plumbing and trucking

An exhausting weekend is over consisting of pretty much work and little sleep. I worked on Saturday, taking a load from AmerisourceBergen to Whitestown. I was back home around 16:30, so it turned out to be just a few minutes under a 10 hour day. Rest of the day and Sunday was plumbing in the l...


Another weekend load to whitestown. This time there were no fuel leak, no grey clouds. Just positive things like a clear blue sky and a big warm sun. The trip was a breeze and I was home early. Like just after 16:00. Perfect day for some weekend work.

Saturday work

I worked this weekend, was a great day with a blue sky and sun. Started from home around 8, went to pick up my preloaded trailer in Lockbourne OH. I arrived at the customer, but the trailer wasn't really preloaded after all. 

After a little less than an hour I was ready to go, but...


Finally made it up to AmerisourceBergen in Romeoville after a couple hours delay at the shipper. 

I arrived at the destination at 18:30 and got unloaded quickly. It was no more than maybe 6 skids so it felt like driving an empty trailer.

The trip went smooth, roads were...

Cold snow and fresh bananas

Made it the the usual place for my Washington Courthouse deliveries. The Loves at Jeffersonville, across the highway from the outlet.

I really dislike early deliveries like this, but it could be worse. I parked around 4, for a shower and some food, then I was chilling for a while watch...