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Truck is repaired

Finally truck is repaired and I can start driving again. I'll be heading over with another load to Quakertown now. I picked it up earlier with a loaner truck


Quakertown was completed successfully again, next load is a very local run from Hazleton to Pottsville which is about 20-25 minutes drive.

 It will be preloaded tomorrow at 1500 so I'll be chilling until then.

This is a perfect opportunity to get some groceries since this ...

Bakery load to Columbus

Finally back in Columbus after a very much stressful week at the eastcoast. My Thursday delivery of ice cream on Long Island was much delayed because of the previous delivery in Jamaica NY. When I was done I headed towards Vineland, but first a little pit stop at Loves in Bordentown for some f...

Ice storm

This week started with some fresh snow that came overnight from Sunday, but not too bad and I started like I normal would on a turkey load from Harrison.

The rest of the trip to Quakertown went pretty smooth, the snow kinda disappeared as I got further east and it eventually started to...

Reset in Las Vegas

This Friday turned to shit, went with my dirty truck to Steamboat truckwash in phoenix to wash it. They charge more than $70 for a regular truck wash. Their cheaper option to $41 doesn't include any aluminum cleaning.

After I left I noticed my truck had streaks of soap and dirt all ove...