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It was a long way home from Boston to Columbus, but I did not run during the night this time. The heat and the truck that wouldn't idle at night plus the extreme headache I had made that impossible. I was popping pills to make it go away and it eventually did. I woke up around 8 am and was gro...

Produce to Boston

The two stop load I picked up in Hazleton Wednesday morning have been successfully delivered. I must say night driving is definitely not for me. I'm currently in  Chelsea MA, a city in Suffolk county, directly across the mystic river from the city of Boston. Just ran out of my 14 hours an...

From Pottsville to Costco NJ

Calling it a night just about now, pulled over on the shoulder right after the tollbooth here at route 32 in New Jersey. I have this Tyson load going to Costco in the morning. The appointment is at 5 am. I picked this up at Tyson in Pottsville earlier, I'm actually pretty positively surprised ...

Late delivery in Quakertown

Was a great start to a new week, weekend was cut short because I decided to work Saturday. 

This week I'm back in Quakertown and after here I'm heading up to Tyson in Pottsville for some frozen meat to Costco in Monroe township in New Jersey

Me and my codriver

Now me and my copilot in the picture been out on the road for about two weeks and we got two weeks left before we go home. 

We left home on August 13th and since then we've been in PA, NJ, NY, CE, MA, NH, ME, MD, VA, NC, SC, AL, MS LA, TX, AR, MO, IL and IN.

Tonight we are...