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Holiday weekend

With 4th of July almost over I headed down to Washington Courthouse for a delivery of bananas from Gloves Gloucester City NJ.

 The appointment was 3am on Monday and my next load was from Kopp Turkey in Harrison to Quakertown PA

More turkey for the dogs

Another week and another load of turkey to Simmons in Quakertown. It started out with an empty fuel tank on the reefer trailer I was picking up in Harrison, with the temps way out of range. 43 degrees with a max of 28.

I contacted the people down there to figure out when it was loaded ...


Started Monday with walking the dogs before dropping them off at the boarding place in Tipp City. Started pouring down soon after, but didn't last long.

At this point, I was an hour later out than usual, but no worries. When I got to Kopp Turkey around 11 two trailers were already load...

Sleepless weekend

Worked two-night shifts over the weekend then headed to Pennsylvania Monday morning. Literally no sleep since Sunday 1 pm until Monday 10 pm. At least my paycheck will look good this week.

I arrived early at Simmons in Quakertown on Tuesday. Slept really well last night and the day tur...


I'm back with my Quakertown loads again, but this week I was also subject to a random drug test. I was called by my dispatcher Monday morning, wanting me to head into the office. No reason was given. Of course, that's a random drug test, but I've got nothing to fear.

I arrived at Kopp ...

Indiana on a Monday

Some kind of maintenance at Kopp Turkey has me going to Indianapolis to load up for Sysco in Columbus. 

It was nice to start a little later for a change. I left home around 11:30, picked up my trailer at Huber Heights, then headed towards Indianapolis.

I was loaded up fair...

C and S

Just done with another Tuesday, after delivering the turkey leftovers from Kopp to Simmons, I went up to the US Cold Storage in Hazleton.

 My next trip was back to the well known C&S in Aberdeen, a huge mess of a customer to say at least, but sometimes you might have good luck...

Warmer weather

It was warmer weather in Dayton today, in the low 40, which is great after all these cold days.

Started at 8:00, went to pick up my trailer in Huber Heights as usual and headed down to Kopp turkey in Harrison, but the load wasn't ready. I waited until a few minutes past 11 before I cou...

Ice storm

This week started with some fresh snow that came overnight from Sunday, but not too bad and I started like I normal would on a turkey load from Harrison.

The rest of the trip to Quakertown went pretty smooth, the snow kinda disappeared as I got further east and it eventually started to...

Winterstorm 2021

A massive amount of snow is coming down, started on Sunday. Wasn't too bad in Ohio, but here on the east coast it's just insane. Expecting up to 20 inches by Tuesday.

I parked at Knight's Carlisle yard as I usually do on Mondays. The whole yard has close to a foot of snow and of course...