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Welcome to my projects section where I will post links to stuff I'm working on.


This project is pretty much based off the fuelgame and a minor project I was doing on my blog. It is a truck economy game where you can use the simulator mode or real life mode. It will record fuel usage like the fuelgame, but also a rating and review system for all customers, shippers and receivers.

Galaxy Marines

This is a turn based browser game with no graphic. The idea was to make a "waiting game" that would load fast with a pleasable user-interface in any browser from a cellphone to desktop computer.

Fuel Game

The fuel game was something I made to track fuel and vehicle/trailer maintenance in a trucking company I used to work for. It would easily setup logs that you could print and deliver in monthly to the office. Then later I remodeled the program a bit more into a fuel contest where truckers can login with their facebook account and track their fuel consumption and watch monthly high score tables.